Track is closed but we’re still open!

Due to the extreme fire risk on our sunny side of the hill in the Kenepuru the Queen Charlotte Track above us is closed, As from today, the 19th February.

Sunset from the smoke of the recent Nelson Fire

The rest of the track is still open and theres a diversion in place along Kenepuru Road that will take you right past our gate, at 4144. So now its even easier to come and relax at our place of paradise!

We’re about halfway between the the two ends of the diversion. The first half of the walk from Kenepuru Saddle to the Heads is a metal road through the farm valley. It’s pretty but is very dusty and hot in this weather!

The Kenepuru Heads valley with the Saddle in the background

Our advice would be to only walk the section from here at the Heads to Portage, the road is much more scenic on this half of the walk as it winds around the bays. The road is sealed and there is shade from the trees.

We’ll pick you up from The saddle with your bags and bring you here for a night of luxury and connect your bags to your next place to stay as well.

See you soon then!

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