Trees For Travel – Climate change & how you can help!

It was always our dream to bring back the forest – that’s what Ngahere Hou means – New Forest!

planting 2017

A few years back our Diamond Approach Retreat group inquired into the hopelessness we felt around the state of the planet and how we might do something to make a difference. We came up with “TREES FOR TRAVEL”, a scheme to mitigate our travel emissions by planting trees into our QE2 National Trust Reserve here at Ngahere Hou.


Not everyone has 40 acres of protected land in which to plant that many trees! So our group decided to help by donating to our ‘Trees for Travel fund’ this way we could keep planting our forest and at the same time others could help with the hopelessness of our changing climate. We’ve since planted well over a thousand trees from this fund. Now you can help too!

To mitigate the carbon emissions for a return flight from New Zealand to California we need to plant roughly 43 trees! You can calculate your carbon footprint here and the trees you need here so contact us to add your donation to the fund – every dollar given goes directly into the trees at $10 per tree, or come and help us plant…. 021 0224 1915 or


“They breathe out…..We breathe in, and everybody wins”

its also part of our Tiaki Promise


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