About Us


Your first impression is of the sheer beauty of the estuary and the Kenepuru Sound. The sense of the isolation and wildness is accentuated by the wekas at your feet and the songs of bellbirds and Tuis. With glow worms and Moreporks at night you are easily able to feel your connection with the earth and stars.

Ngahere Hou is 16.2 hectares of regenerating native forest at the head of the Kenepuru Sound. With road access from Picton and Havelock and direct walking access from the halfway point of the Queen Charlotte Track. The land is designated on the Marlborough Sounds District Plan as “an area of outstanding Landscape” and it is indeed outstanding many ways. As the new forest returns so have countless species of native wildlife.

Entirely off-the-grid, Glam Camping at Ngahere Hou offers an experience of a very real connection to the earth and bush, the tides and stars available in such a remote location – all with a touch of luxury thrown in!

  • Shared Self catering facilities. (Provisions can be ordered in)
  • Sleeps up to 6 in a luxury Yurt and deluxe Summerhouse cabin.
  • Free luggage transfer from Torea Bay or Punga Cove
  • Private swimming Beach
  • Hot tub
  • Kayak
  • Bikes

Open Oct-April

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We are Kate Betteley and  Ian Hamlin


and Ngahere Hou is our vision unfolding….

We bought the 40acre (16 hectare) hillside of farmland at the Head of the Kenepuru Sound in 1999.

On the bare land we have built a couple of small cabins and a 6 metre yurt and planted countless native trees and an olive grove. Living entirely off the grid with solar powered electricity, we collect our own water and practice sustainable living.  We share our paradise with an incredibly rich bio diversity, and it has recently been given Significant Natural Area status by the Marlborough District Council.

In 2004 we placed 14 hectares into a Queen Elizabeth II National Trust open space covenant. This effectively means it will be preserved in perpetuity as a private reserve regardless of any changes in ownership,  We’ve had to fence out the wild pigs and deer, and we have a possum pest control program. With our ongoing tree planting, and now the carbon offset scheme in place, the forest is returning and with it the wildlife. It is intensely satisfying to live so closely within the natural environment and to share our special place with friends and visitors.

On the land thats not part of the covenant we grow lavender and olives. We’re not certified organic but by imitating the natural processes as much as possible and harvesting by hand we have been able to work without chemicals. The Sounds are famous for their green lipped mussels and we use the mussel shells as mulch around the lavender and olives. We have a beekeeper collecting the highly sought after Manuka Honey.

Our olive oil is from the Tuscan varieties; frantoio, pendolino and minerva. Its delicious and very peppery when fresh, mellowing out over time.

In 2010 we were awarded a gold medal for our Lavender oil by the NZ Lavender Growers Association.


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