The closed road….. other options!

If you’re not coming to us via the Queen Charlotte Track…..there is another way – but it’s not the road!

The Kenepuru Road – it’s a long term repair job!

Our road is long and beautiful, and now with even more stunning viewpoints! However due to the storm events of July ‘21 and again in August ‘22 which took out many sections of the road, it is currently closed to the public – possibly until the end of 2024!

…..there is a better way though.

Welcome to Paradise at Torea Bay!

The best way to get here that avoids the road is to leave your car in Picton and get the watertaxi over to Torea Bay – we can pick you up from there. That only takes 15 minutes from Picton and another 20 on the road with us and is a lovely trip. Actually even when the road is open, this is the way our friends usually visit us once they’ve tried the road!

Torea Bay is only 15 minutes from Picton and I can collect you from the Jetty

You will qualify for the $25pp (up to $100 per party) council subsidy due to the closed road. When booking your watertaxi tell them that you’re staying with us and would be driving except that the road is closed!

There are scheduled trips with Cougarline (03 573 7925) or Beachcomber Cruises (03 573 6175) or you can hire a private taxi (Picton Watertaxis) which can be more cost effective if there’s 3 or more people in your party.

Johnson’s Barges can bring you and your car from Havelock to Fish Bay

If you are intending to explore further into the Sounds and need your car for that you can bring it via Johnson’s Barge Services (03 574 2434) from Havelock to Fish Bay. Again this is a beautiful trip but takes a lot longer – up to 3 hours. You will qualify for the subsidy for that too. The road is open to the public beyond us.

See here for a bit more info….

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