Update on the QCT

Queen Charlotte Track Update – 12 August 2021

DOC and MDC staff are working as quickly as they can to stabilise roads and tracks throughout the Sounds
This update focuses on Queen Charlotte Track only
DOC has the Queen Charlotte Track as a priority and the team are working to safely open sections of the track as the repairs are made. These repairs are heavily reliant on dry weather for stabilisation of ground and safety of work crews.

We’re in the green zone!! – around where the no 3 is.
  1. Meretoto/Ship Cove to Furneaux – CURRENTLY CLOSED
    DOC have this section as a PRIORITY to reopen. Two diggers are working from Meretoto/Ship Cove and Endeavour Inlet ends to clear track. This could be completed in three weeks dependent on damage, safety and movement of slips/washouts and weather.
  2. Furneaux to Camp Bay – CURRENTLY CLOSED
    Multiple slips and wash outs. DOC assessing damage and the timeline to repair.
    Timeline TBC as repair work will begin once Section 1 repairs are complete. Furneaux to Miners likely to be completed within the week.
  3. Camp Bay to Torea – OPPORTUNITY TO REOPEN
  4. Torea to Te Mahia – OPPORTUNITY TO REOPEN
    DOC staff are assessing the track to safely to reopen with slips not cleared.
    Confirmation in one week on reopening the ridgelines with water taxi access ONLY and with warnings that track is not at its usual standard
  5. Te Mahia to Anakiwa – CURRENTLY CLOSED
    One digger working in from the Anakiwa end. Bridge at Davies Bay washed out and replacement required. Timeline TBC, possibly four to six weeks depending dependent on damage, safety, movement of slips/washouts and weather.

So the good news is that from around the 20th August the QC track will be open for us! From Picton the access points will be Punga Cove, Torea Bay and Mistletoe Bay. We’re about 4 hours walk from either Punga Cove or Torea Bay and 8 hours from Mistletoe Bay. We can do luggage transfers as well since we able to access both Torea Bay and Punga Cove by road.

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