QC Track winter transfers

With Portage Hotel closed until October we’re seeing a dramatic increase in bookings for those walking or biking the Queen Charlotte Track. They’re also taking advantage of our “Covid Winter Special” which runs until the end of August.

Watertaxi arriving at Torea Bay

Currently there are limited accommodation options at Portage Bay, but we can help! We’re just a 15 minute drive to Torea Saddle so rather than miss a section of the track or slog it out to Te Mahia/Mistletoe Bay why not stay an extra night with us and we can reconnect you with the track the next day? Easy!

The same applies to Punga Cove Resort (Camp Bay) which is closed from July 20 till late August for improvements. It’s only a 15 minute drive for us to the Kenepuru Saddle so we can pick you up from there and drop you back the next day, so you don’t miss a thing on the QC Track and have a touch of comfort at Ngahere Hou too! We‘ll still be doing our usual luggage pick ups from Torea Bay.

Inside the Yurt

Contact us here to arrange your transfers and make us your home base for the central section of the track!

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