Spring Special

After the success of our Covid Winter Special we’ve decided to welcome the start of Spring with our new Spring Special!

Since we came out of Lockdown we’ve more than made up for all the cancellations we had in March and April. We’ve had heaps of Kiwis (and some others) taking the opportunity to get out into the peaceful splendour that is the Marlborough Sounds, expressed so perfectly here at Ngahere Hou.

Edgeworthea Chrysantha – flowering for spring

For September, October and November our Spring Special rates will apply: these are $180 for The Summerhouse, $290 for The Yurt and $400 for the Yurt+ which is both, the Whole Place to Yourself!

It’s been a treat to see our guests leaving with such happy smiles…. and some have also left poems and comments to warm our hearts, along with the odd sock and phone cable!

Hina (Silver Moon) and Koa (Joy) watching the Sunset tides in front of the Grand Design!

Here’s a poem we received recently, thanks Melanie….

The New Forest – Te Ngahere Hou

Take the path in the Sounds
Off the Track to the side.
Bush and birds will surround
Space protected, endless time.


Two guardians, of a pure and snowy white
Wait, proud and alert, spirits of the site. Silver Moon and Joy – standing ready to ensure
Promises are kept: rest, relax, restore.

There’s eco glamping under benevolent gaze
Eucalyptus and glass, Grand Design for always.
Spiritualist and artist, living lightly on the land
Offering stillness and peace, harmony all round.

And proffering comfort aplenty, for travellers to find:
There’s a yurt, to appease the Mongols amongst us –
or a many sided cabin, for those more gentle kind.
Sink into rugs and cushions, 
Fairy light soft showing
Wood-fed fire a-glowing – 
Comfort warmly touching us.

Sheltered in bush, wood-built water-hot shower
Green on green bellbirds, clear notes in the bower.
Near, sweet compost to hand in the littlest room
No despair, scented air, casual sprays sweet perfume.


Daybreak – pink hue, clouds floating high.
Sun dazzled blue sea, kingfishers flash by.
Life healing honey from manukas nearby.
Calm body and mind, heart open, spirit bright.

Be active with kayak, swim, teach terns to dive,
Mountain bike, walk, oysters mussels to find 
Or laze in the hammock, cook on the fire
Relaxing to rythyms of bird, wind and tide.

For always, nearby, the birds to delight:
Purpley-bronze above woodpigeon chest;
Silver-eyes in olives; tuis choking each breath;
Goldfinches exploring the seeds in the grass;
And tiny grey warblers (brown creepers?), flitting on past.

Dusk beckons with hot tub, steam high from red fire
Near to side, close to hand, sparkling glass of cool wine.
To amuse, brown-clad weka asking water invite
Long views: bush-clad hills, sparkling sea and blue sky.

Spirit washed clean, watch closing of day
Red orange paint splatters, sky brightly sprayed.
Sea gleaming silver, moon now anigh
Bush rustling still, morepork soft cry.

Myriad glow worms, diamond-bright shine
Up tunnel to space, no confines of time.
A mirror, a prism, through kanuka high,
Earth path to the stars, becoming one in the night.


A connect with world, and nature, from this haven can regrow
Tranquility, and serenity: a peace again now known
Sense of self, of life meaning, now repaired or new bestowed.
Seeming paradise close touched;
Feeling soul so gently brushed: 
With new forest find new life, at Te Ngahere Hou.

June 2020
(Borrowing many phrases used by Kate and Ian in their phamplet.)

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